85 South: The Charlotte Roast Session Finale with D.C. Young Fly, Karlous Miller & Chico Bean

85 South finishes up in Charlotte with their hilarious stand-up comedy skits. Check out the link above and see some of the funniest comedians to date on their vlog series 85 South Show available on all podcasting platforms as well.

Why the Internet & the Blockchain Will Kill Middlemen | Blackrock Keynote 2018

  Gary Vee sits down in his Blackrock keynote to provide his personal views on future of business with the blockchain and the internet. Personally, its intriguing to hear his insights on how business and how the future of the internet will continue its rule. Although his predictions may not be exact on how things …

The meanings behind The Carter’s “Ape Shit” video

The good people over at Insider provide a breakdown of the hidden meanings and explain them for the new video from The Carter’s called “Ape Shit”. This a single from recently released album Love is Everything out now on all platforms.