A$AP Ant releases his latest project Lil Black Jean Jacket and it holds its weight.   With features including Hoodrich Pablo Juan, K$upreme, A$AP Twelvyy, Big Juno and many more.  The album takes off smooth as Ant floats to the beat in his own artistic trap melody.  With songs like Green Smoothie, Bake a Cake and White Buffs featuring Big Juno for a few stand out tracks. Ant definitely holds his own and loads the game up with some heaters.

Check out A$AP Ant’s latest project below.



1. “Lucky Charms”

2. “#Freeshaka Intro” featuring Young Shaka

3. “Diamond Dust (Remix)” featuring HoodRich Pablo Juan

4. “Red Cream Soda”

5. “White Buffs” featuring Big Juno

6. “Green Smoothie”

7. “Who Got It” featuring Soduh

8. “Bake a Cake”

9. “3Ninja$” featuring Jban$2Turnt & K$upreme

10. “Lil 2dow Interlude”

11. “Soul Reaver” featuring A$AP Twelvyy

12. “Shay Shay” featuring Benji Blue & LuLu P

13. “Bolt” featuring Soduh


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