The Atlanta QC rapper Lil Baby is back again with another fire ass project in his hard series. The production on the album includes London On Da Track, Southside, Turbo, Wheezy and DJ Dural and few others. Lil Baby also hits ups his dawgs Starlito, Young Thug, Drake and Offset to name few artists on the project. Lil Baby attacks the tape from the start saying,

Remember that day that I lost all that cake
I had to go in the safe
I had to get me a pot and cook that shit up
Had em calling me Quay
Ian got that shit back in like twenty-some-days
Ain’t no charge and go tell for like 500K
I went straight to the lot and went bought me a wraith
Ain’t no more being humble put it in they face

One of my personal favorite tracks is Throwing Shade featuring Y$L Gunna.  Both artist float to the beat with the” I get money and stay out the way” vibe I can fasho relate to. Lil Baby starts it off letting niggas know he the big dawg now. As Y$L Gunna comes thru to follow up on the in drippy talking his big dawg shit too. Laced up by Quay Global on the production, its a funky flute bass masterpiece in my books.

Another track is Transporter featuring his QC rap label mate Offset. Dj Dural going apeshit with the beat adding laser-like radar detection sounds following the bass. The song with Offset starts off the track talking crazy with lines like

” I hold a couple mill you holding nuts, I’m on an Adderall that Chris Tucker rush I need a paddle cuz my drip gotta flood, Gotta stash for the fire under the clutch Niggas mad cuz I’m rich they gotta grudge”

One more banger He also reaches out to the 1017 Eskimo star Hoodrich Pablo Juan for Boss Bitch. With the production from Quay Global, Pablo comes floating on the chorus,

Mama ain’t made no hoe, she made a boss
My diamonds they shine when the lights turned off
Rocking designer I’m dripping in sauce
All of my diamonds real so they cost
You know it costs to live like this
I got a bad lil boss bitch
Too many diamonds, camera glitch
Yeah I’m shining, I’m frostbit
Ain’t got to tell them they know that I’m rich
I got a sack like I run the blitz
Ice cold like I got on mitts
Ice cream I look like a lick

This track alone had me stuck when I heard the first time l heard it. Lil Baby continues to carry the flame and extend it further.  But don’t take my word for it check out yourself with the link and tracklist below.



1. Intro
2. Spazz
3. I’m Straight
4. Exotic (feat. Starlito)
5. Yes Indeed
6. Leaked
7. Bank (feat. Moneybagg Yo)
8. Cash
9. Southside
10. Throwing Shade (feat. Gunna)
11. First Class
12. Right Now (feat. Young Thug)
13. Life Goes On (feat. Gunna & Lil Uzi Vert)
14. Transporter (feat. Offset)
15. Fit In
16. Boss Bitch (feat. HoodRich Pablo Juan)
17. Never Needed No Help


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